With the introduction of digital cameras, video cameras and other means of recording what is going on, many people have forgotten about traditional film. There are a number of gauges of film, including 8 millimeter film, 35 mm film and 16 mm film. The 16 mm film option is the type that is used for non-theatrical, for example, educational or industrial, film that is used for creating lower budget motion pictures. It was the popular option for making home movies and amateur movies for a number of decades.

Today, there are two main producers of 16 mm film, Agfa and Kodak. It is still used in productions for television for things Including the Hallmark Hall of Fame series. The BBC also still utilizes this type of film in their productions. There are few major TV stations that use this film, but for those who want to create that authentic, old-timey look with their movie, it is the best option.

When you are thinking about purchasing this type of film, it is essential to make sure it will fit in your camera. Most cameras will actually state on the body the type of film it takes. Be sure to review this prior to purchasing to make sure that you do not purchase a size that does not work for your camera. This will result in you simply wasting your money.

While this type of film is not one of the most popular anymore, due to the introduction of digital recording technology, it is still prevalent for a number of purposes. Be sure that the quality of the film is good, since if you purchase from an unknown manufacturer, you may find that the film cannot support the videos that you wish to record. Being informed about the proper way to use and develop the film is also important.