When it comes to charging time, not all devices are created equal. Your smartphone may charge quickly with a smaller adapter, but that’s not going to be the case for your iPad Air. Since this device is designed to last longer and perform better on a single charge, it takes more power to top off the battery than smaller devices. That’s OK. There are wall adapters, including the 15W iPad Air chargers, that are designed with the needs of these devices in mind.

For example, the iClever Dual USB Ports Travel Wall Charger is compatible with the iPad Air and other large but portable devices. This charger doesn’t have an LED indicator, which means that you can rest soundly at night without a disturbing light. It functions with your normal Lightning-to-USB cable, and two input ports offer you the flexibility to charge multiple devices at once.

Anker’s 2-Port USB Wall Charger with Foldable Plug and PowerIQ Technology is also great with your iPad Air and another device, including another tablet. The plug prongs fold away to make tucking this into your pocket or handbag easy and comfortable when you need it on the go.

If you need even more flexibility with your outlets, try a EZOPower 4200-Joule Surge Protector USB Charging Station / Power Strip with 2 AC Outlets & 4 Smart USB Charger Port. The smart-charging technology automatically adjusts to your device, providing the amount of power it needs to charge quickly. This power strip also offers standard surge protection, which protects your devices and your home’s electrical wiring.

These chargers are affordable and functional, which means that there’s no reason to keep using your smaller phone charger and waiting forever to use your device again. With a 15W iPad Air charger, you won’t have to struggle to keep your tablet’s battery full.