There are many reasons you might be in the market for a new wall power adapter or charger. Sometimes adapters just up and quit, sometimes they are chewed by a pet, and other times a device that also operates on batteries comes without a power adapter. Finding a replacement charger will save money on batteries and allow your device to not be dependent on batteries for operation.

Selecting a new wall adapter seems fairly straightforward, but it is a bit more complicated than just plugging one end into your device and the other into the wall outlet. For example, you must know whether your device needs AC or DC voltage. You also need to know what the recommended charging current is for your specific device. For example, a 15v DC 2000MA power adapter will not be compatible with every device or piece of electronic equipment.

Even something as simple as the length of the power cord can impact your decision. For example, the iMBAPrice AC/DC adapter can accommodate many brands of LAN phones, modems, routers and various office electronics. While the AC100 240V 50/60Hz specs may match your unit, if you need a longer cord than five feet, this model may be unsuitable.

While you can attempt to use calipers and measure the inner and out diameter of the plug connector, it is a lot easier and more accurate to find the exact wall charger needed by looking at your service e manual or by calling the manufacturing company. Some companies list that product information on their web site. Purchasing the proper adapter size is crucial – buying a 15v DC 2000MA won’t work if your device requires a 9v wall adapter. If you cannot find information about the requirements for your specific device, check out an adapter kit that contains the most common plug sizes.

Finding the correct wall adapter for your device is important. It needs to provide enough current for efficient charging. Without that specific current your device will take longer to become fully charged.