Camera support systems can make or break a shot. The ease with which your camera support is extendable and capable of handling accessories such as matte-boxes, follow focus and external battery sources can be the difference between great and missed shots. 15mm rods 6 inch extensions can ensure that you have the exact amount of rise you need to get that perfect scene on film.

If you’re using a camera support system like the Motionnine Cube Cage Rodriser it already comes with two 6” 15mm rods. However, rod riser height is adjustable and by adding additional rods to your set up you can mount more accessories to adjust light, focus and other features for the best image. Sturdy CNC aluminum rods with female threads on both ends are an easy way to extend your rig. Lensse offers a 15mm x 150 mm (same as the 15mm rods 6 inch configuration) two pack that has excellent ratings for universal compatibility and ease of use.

Another well-respected brand is Ikan Elements. Their complete modular support system includes 15mm rods 6 inch compliant parts with machined, anodized black aluminum in a two pack to allow you to customize your camera rig. Look for simple designs that will easily extend and modify your camera support system to optimize your choice for accessories. If you feel that building your own rig is challenging, Ikan Elements has complete camera support systems you can purchase as kits to get you started.

The 15mm rods 6 inch configuration is standard in the industry, allowing for crossover of parts from various brands. Sticking with one system is not necessary when you have compatible female threads and bore size. Each of these brands offers excellent customer satisfaction and stable camera support systems that will improve your capability to get just the right shot.