The 15mm rod is an industry stand used to support attachments on cameras and other video recording equipment. Camera equipment will often have some rods attached by default. Sometimes cameras don’t have standard rods or the task at hand demands more mounting space than the current setup allows. In these scenarios, a 15mm rod riser attaches to the equipment and allows for additional rods.

Most 15mm rod risers share a standard design, but prices can range from as little as five dollars to as much as several hundred. The retail price usually comes to down the quality of the materials and the machining process. The standard configuration supports four additional rods, but you can also find two-rod risers, which are often suitable for casual use at home.

For the user who only needs two rods, consider the riser system manufactured by SmallRig. This unit has a double 15mm clamp and a 60mm space at the center. Its manufactured from precision-CNC-machined aluminum and supports the ¼” international thread standard as well as 3/8”, M4 and M5.

If you prefer a traditional rail block with support for four rods, then the Pro 4 by Bandc is a worthwhile contender. Made of aluminum as well, this model features M4 screw lock knobs and 60mm rod-to-rod spacing. The knobs are black, which gives the riser a uniform appearance that blends in nicely with standard camera equipment.

Colored knobs on 15mm rod risers are in style. You can get them powder-coated or made from plastic. The metal knobs withstand more abuse, but the plastic knobs are easy to replace. Some users swear by the colored knobs because they’re easy to lock onto in the heat of the moment. A 15mm rod riser that features colored metal knobs is the Coolraiser V2 by SmallRig, and if you prefer plastic knobs, consider the Block Rod Clamp by Neewer.

If there are accessories you’d like to add to your camera but lack the mounting space, then a 15mm rod riser is the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you opt for two or four rods, these clamps will ensure that everything is aligned properly and your investments are well-secured.