In the simplest sense, a borescope is a tube that enables its user to look into tight places that could not otherwise be visualized. Borescopic cameras are useful in a wide range of applications from medicine (where they’re called endoscopic cameras) to plumbing and vehicle maintenance. If you’re looking for a 15m waterproof USB borescope endoscope inspection tube pipe camera, you may have a hard time tracking one down in a bricks-and-mortar store. Chances are, though, that you’ll be able to find the borescopic recording device you need when you shop online.

Waterproof Borescopic Cameras

D-Click markets a 15-foot long Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera. The unit is equipped with four LED lux luminance lights and is ideal for examining the interior of sewage drain pipes to determine whether they need to be cleaned. It must be connected to a computer through its USB port while in use. If you download the appropriate app, you may also be able to use the camera with some types of smartphones. Any video that’s recorded can be saved to the computer that’s powering the camera for subsequent viewing.

Scientific apparatus manufacturer T&J World also makes a Waterproof Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera that’s specifically engineered for inspecting and cleaning sewage drain pipes. This unit offers the high resolution of a 1/6 CMOS camera as well as four LED lights. It, too, must be connected to a computer in order to operate and can download video on to that computer.

Tobson’s 15m waterproof USB borescope endoscope inspection tube pipe camera comes with a cord that’s 45 feet long. Purchase includes a CD with the software necessary to synch this camera to your PC.

BrainyTrade’s waterproof wire endoscope camera is smaller than the other three units, and XP system owners will be able to watch videos taken with this camera without installing extraneous software. The camera has both photo and video functionality, and photos and videos can be downloaded to a computer for later review. When you shop on the Internet, you can find items like 15m waterproof USB borescope endoscope inspection tube pipe cameras that are hard to find in stores.