Instead of connecting to Wi-Fi or using data, you can stream all the video disc content you want by using a 15 inch portable DVD CD player. These devices provide high-quality movie and music playing anywhere you want.

The key to finding the best 15 inch portable DVD CD player is by looking at the screen quality and options. For example, the DBPOWER 15″ Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen features a high resolution screen that can rotate in multiple directions. Instead of worrying about glare or bad angles, you can tilt and swivel the screen to get an angle that you like. This makes it easy to use the player while in a car, laying in bed, or at another public location. Along with playing DVD discs and music CDs, the portable player has inputs for USB and SD cards. With these media devices, you have the ability to load all types of video and image formats on the screen. The media device also features built-in speakers, along with a headphone jack for when you’re in public.

If you’re looking for a 15 inch portable DVD CD player in the car, then consider the BOSS AUDIO BVS13.3B. The DVD player runs through the dash of your vehicle, but it comes with detachable screen that connects to the top of the main system. The touch-screen interface makes it easy to select content, browse DVD menus, and to navigate through different chapters. Along with the touch screen features, the portable DVD player uses a remote to access functions. While you’re driving, a built-in microphone allows you to make audible selections so you can operate the device hands-free. Electronic skip detection in the DVd player keeps movies and audio playing smooth while going over bumps or traveling on rocky roads.

Get entertainment anywhere you wish with a 15 inch portable DVD CD player. High quality screens and content can be accessed through these convenient devices.