Laptops are prevalent, with most families having several and college students seeming unable to live without them. Truthfully, they are much more powerful than they have been in the past, and often outperform desktop computers with their solid state drivers and instant-on functionality. Laptops are portable by nature, but it can be challenging to ensure that you’re keeping your pricey little toy as safe as possible from drops, scratches, and other damage. Having a 15 inch laptop envelope case with felt that you can tuck inside another bag, especially for travel, gives you an added layer of protection for your laptop.

Inateck 15.4 Inch MacBook Pro Retina Ultrabook Netbook Bag Envelope Sleeve comes in a range of different sizes: from a 11-11.16” sleeve up to a 15-15.4” sleeve. This synthetic leather has a Velcro closure for security, and it includes a soft grey felt exterior and soft flannel inside to ensure that your laptop or ultrabook is clean and scratch-free. There are a few different closure options as well as colors, and this environmentally-friendly bag is also biodegradable. Thoughtfully designed, the 15 inch laptop envelope case in felt and flannel includes interior compartments for your earphones and wallet as well as a cellphone slot.

Sinoguo Gray Felt Case Sleeve Pouch has two inside pockets for storage of a mouse or other small object, and the envelope case includes felt that will protect your laptop, MacBook or ultrabook from shocks and bumps. A black elastic closure keeps everything snugged together tightly, and there’s plenty of room inside for business cards, keys, credit cards and more. The slim case doesn’t add a great deal of bulk and slides easily inside another bag for additional protection for your computing device.

Keep your laptop or tablet safe, shock-free, and well-protected with a felt case.