Whether or not you believe a handguard has a true effect on recoil and overall performance, it’s hard to argue the protection it’s capable of providing at hardly any weight at all compared to other components. On Amazon, you will find a 15-inch handguard as well as other sizes as needed.

Available from Aimid USA through Skid Armory on Amazon, the 15-Inch Ultralight Mount Forend is the perfect ultralight solution for a .223/5.56 rifle thanks to its aluminum material. With an M-LOK design, you’ll be able to use any kind of M-LOK accessories you wish while using this guard.

From AR15 Tactical, the 15-Inch Tactical T-Series Free-Float Forearm System is another quality choice. With an overall length of 15 inches and an inner diameter of 1.8 inches, this durable double black matte system is highly reviewed and eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.

If size is not an issue, the HawksTech 7-Inch 2-Piece Carbine Forearm can replace your existing system while remaining capable of mounting accessories like laser sights and scopes. This two piece system measures out to 14 total inches, and installation is as easy as it comes.

Similarly, the 9-Inch Ultralight Forend Mount is suitable for a .223/5.56 rifle while further reducing the total bulk and weight of the rifle. Like the other forend from Aimid USA, you’ll also get to take advantage of the M-LOK design and any accessories that are compatible with the system.

Finally, the 12-Inch Ultralight Forend Mount for .223/5.56 Rifles comes from Aimid USA and weighs in at just 9.1 ounces — it’s heavier than the 9-inch variation, but it will weigh less than the 15-inch while providing a similar amount of benefits to overall performance.

No matter what kind of component you’re looking for, such as a 15-inch handguard for your gun to improve its performance, you’ll likely find it shopping on Amazon. Thanks to its huge inventory, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for with Amazon, especially with a variety of third-party sellers capable of selling their own products.