A 14500 battery flashlight is a wise investment because it can be used for so many purposes. The light is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, anglers, those who enjoy hiking and camping, and it is also an excellent device to have around the home. This type of flashlight is rechargeable and an eco-friendly option to, so it should appeal to the consumer who prefers green purchases.

One of your choices when seeking a high quality, affordable 14500 battery flashlight is the LED flashlight called the Mini CREE. The flashlight has an ultra bright lighting option thanks to the inclusion of light emitting diodes. The flashlight has an aluminum body to lend to its durability. The only control on the flashlight is an easy to use on/off switch. It is small enough to tote about in a bag or purse. Fit it inside your glove box so you always have one in your car – it measures all of 92mm x 25mm.

The 14500 battery flashlight comes complete with a charger and two 14500 batteries. The unit weighs just under 6.5 ounces. When it comes to the charger that comes with the flashlight, you can charge one or both batteries at once, and the charger comes with an LED light that lets you know when your batteries are fully charged.

An alternative is the Mini Cree Q5 by Ultrafire® – the 14500 battery flashlight has an LED light with three modes. It comes complete with a charger. The maximum level of brightness you get from the flashlight is between 240 and 350 lumens. The light is bright enough to reach between 200 and 500 meters in terms of distance. The Ultrafire® battery has exceptional features including waterproofing and a 100,000 hour lamp life. The casing of the device is made of aluminum. Getting more than one 14500 battery flashlight is highly recommended – get yours today!