A 12V DC fan is an option added to your personal computer during its initial build to keep all the internal workings cool. By keeping the interior of the computer cool with a quality 12V DC fan, the unit prevents the entire device from overheating. Essentially, the DC fan is one that is powered by a “direct motor.” When compared to devices powered by an AC current, the DC fans operate through the use of less voltage than AC powered motors. A 12V DC fan is a very low voltage fan, but this does not minimize the powerful role the fan plays in ensuring your computer system does not crash.

The direct current fan is the coveted fan when cooling a personal computer. The AC powered fans deliver more electromagnetic disturbances than the direct motor fans. With electromagnetic processes and the interference such processes generate, the computer may not work as expected. However, a DC motor helps in eliminating the issue. If you are not sure what 12V DC fan your PC requires, talk to a pro. You want to get the right fan and make sure it is installed correctly. When in doubt, have someone help you – it can prevent injury all while protecting your equipment investment.

Some of the 12V DC fans on the market are made for specific computer models and uses. The 12V DC HT-07530D12 by Fugetek is a computer fan featuring two ball bearings and two pins. If you plan to use it with a Fugetek projector, the DC fan is only compatible with the FG-637 and FG-647 projector. It measures 75mm x 75mm x 30mm. This brushless motor is a cooling fan with a speed of 3,500 RPM. Gino sells a 12V computer case fan with a brushless motor as well. It features a two pin connector/two wire connector, and it measures 40mm x 40mm x 10mm. There is a fan on the market that will suit your needs, so why not start comparing your options today?