You see them all the time 12v 2a power adapter options. You can use them to power an array of electronic equipment. Yet, like all good things do, they eventually fall into disrepair from aging or overuse and the 12v 2a power adapter requires replacement. Thankfully, there are a number of the different 12v 2a power adapter options available for relatively little expense. You can even shop online and compare prices to find the least expensive solution when you are in need of a new adaptor to replace your old, worn out power adapter.

A 12v 2a power adapter by RockBirds is a Switching supply for power. With the adaptor you get an 110v – 240 AC input and a 12 volt 2.0A output from this small, black adapter. The adapter itself has measurements of about three inches long by 1.77 inches wide by 1.18 inches high. You can use the adapter to power things like a video/audio device, security cameras, ADSLs, routers, string lighting, and LED strip lighting, among a myriad of electronics. The cable length is generous too, measuring about 35.8 inches in all. With the 12v 2a power adapter, you also get one connector. The adapter is not a regulated device, but instead relays to the interior voltage regulator to protect your electronics.

Another power supply option you can avail yourself of if you need a 12v 2a power adapter is the wall adapter by Amamax®. The adapter allows for a 100 to 240V AC input and outputs a 12V 2A. This adapter is also exceptional for use with audio video equipment, security cameras, and a variety of electronics. The cable measures about 4 foot 9 inches in length. Bear in mind this is not the kind of adapter you need if you are looking to power large appliances. Since these adapters are so affordable and universal, you should invest in one or more to have on hand – there is no time like the present.