Whether you’re a professional photographer, a computer programmer or just a regular dude who happens to take a lot of pictures and download tons of movies, you’ll never run out of memory with a 128GB CF card. A compact flash memory card with this memory capacity is your ultimate on-the-go storage solution for all your digital files.

A 128GB CF card can be used with any device that has compact flash slot, such as some models of DSLR cameras, mobile phones or tablets. It can store over 90,000 high resolution photos with a file size of 2 MB. It can also store about 96 hours of videos in MPEG2-SD format that are 3Mbps in size. Indeed, a 128GB card will definitely allow you to enjoy taking pictures and videos without worrying that you’ll need to get another storage card soon.

When choosing a compact flash memory card, be sure to take a look at its read speed and write speed. A card with a speed rating of 600X, for example, can read an 89MB file in one second. A higher speed means the card can take care of data transfer more quickly, such as when you are downloading a file or transferring it to another device.

Lexar, for example, offers its Professional 1066x 128GB VP-65 CompactFlash card with Free Image Rescue 5 Software. This card is capable of capturing high-quality images of 1080p in full-HD, 3D and 4K using a digital camera or high-definition camcorder. The data transfer speed is 1066x which means it can read files of 160MB per second. The Image Rescue Software that you can download when you purchase this card is an added plus. If the card happens to be corrupted or you’ve accidentally deleted a file, you’ll be able to recover that with this software.

With a 128GB CF card, you can take pictures, shoot videos and download movies to your heart’s content.