Many families have minivans or recreational vehicles they use for long trips. A long road trip can be made more enjoyable with the addition of a car DVD player. This player works with a small size monitor, to display the videos people would like to watch while on the road. You will find the 12 volt monitor hdmi enabled, works best for this type of on-the-road viewing.

For people on a budget, Chisso offers a 1080p HD monitor for under sixty dollars. Made with a brushed gray frame, the screen measures a full 7 inches in size. Equipped with an HDMI port, this unit will provide your family with hours of entertainment.

Koolertron offers you both a 7-inch and 10-inch size monitor you can use in your minivan or RV. The LCD screens have a resolution of 1920 x 1440, which means they provide true HD quality. Each 12 volt monitor hdmi enabled frame, operates on a low current, which makes them the ideal monitors for use in all sorts of vehicles. Their 10-inch model is available with or without a touch screen and comes equipped with additional VGA, Ypbpr, USB and DVI ports for use with gaming systems.

If your family enjoys taking their own home videos, you might like the 7-inch monitor from GERI, This small scale unit is designed to fit on the back of a standard car seat headrest, so you could use it in any type of vehicle. It is equipped with a VGA port and RCA cables to connect easily to any DVR camera.

Atian makes an extremely small scale three and a half inch portable monitor you can use with your video camera or DVD player. Made with a black plastic frame this rear mounting unit can support two modes of video input at the same time.

Car video players with monitors are a great way to keep young children entertained while out running errands. You will find the 12 volt monitor hdmi enabled units available here, can also provide you with a way to play your favorite video games or watch your own home movies while camping with your family.