If you invest in a game camera for determining the best place to hunt during hunting season, an investment in a 12 volt adapter for stealth game camera devices is in order. While you will need separate smaller batteries to put in the backside of the stealth camera, the smaller batteries are merely for powering the memory of the camera in question. To power the device and all of its features, a separate 12 volt adapter for stealth game camera device is necessary.

When you use a 12 volt adapter for stealth game camera option, it is recommended that you recharge the battery at least four times a year – this is true even when you are not using the battery. By charging the 12 volt adapter every three months you are thereby ensuring the extended use of your investment. A regular recharge will also ensure the camera will work when you are actually ready to use it. On the stealth camera in question you will find a small port – this is often located at the bottommost edge of the camera.

The port is covered with a rubberized flap to keep the opening free of dust, dirt, debris, or water damage. When you lift the flap up, a port is beneath it where you can plug in the battery to the 12V DC port. A barrel plug inserts snugly into the port. For the regular batteries in the camera, there is a slide off door on the back of the device. Unlike the 12V battery where a regular recharge is recommended, it is not recommended that you use regular rechargables inside the camera to back up camera memory. The Stealth Cam 12V Battery Box is a unit that is water proof. It comes with a strap so you can ensure the battery is up off of the ground as it powers the stealth camera in question.