If you need to replace the battery in your laptop device, you may find that the 12 cell laptop battery lithium ion option is the type of battery you require. If so, there are several companies that make affordable 12 cell laptop battery lithium ion selections. These batteries are rechargeable and allow for you to extend the battery life of your device up to nine hours in duration before you will have to recharge your device. With such a long charge, this kind of battery can really extend the convenience and portability of your device. With a long term charge, a rechargeable 12 cell laptop battery lithium ion selection is ideal for the college student on the go, the professor, or teacher in need of immediate access to a laptop, and the gamer who appreciated on the go gaming.

Toshiba makes the PA3819U-1BRS 12 cell battery capable of giving you nine hours of battery life on a full charge. The battery is black in color and has a 5200mAh/58W capacity. With the above-mentioned rechargeable 12 cell battery you can swap out the battery in a number of different Toshiba computers and the battery is also compatible with some DellĀ® laptop models. The battery is easy enough the change to, allowing you to snap the new battery into a slot on your device quickly and without a hassle.

If you have a select Pavilion laptop, you can opt for the AGPTek 12 cell laptop battery lithium ion to replace your existing battery. You will need to review the laptop compatibility list before ordering the battery you require. The 12 cell laptop battery lithium ion option is an 8800mAh 10.8V battery selection compatible with specific HP Pavilion devices as well as Compaq Presarios. The battery is manufactured by BrainyDeal and it weighs just over five pounds.