If you’re in need of a replacement 12-cell laptop battery, lithium ion cells are the go-to option. These high-capacity units are known for providing extra hours of battery life to laptops. Also called ‘Li-ion’ cells, these batteries are compatible with a bunch of different laptop brands and models. Before you make any purchase, make sure that you’re buying the right type of Li-ion battery for your laptop.

For instance, the Super High Capacity High Quality Li-Ion Battery [8800MAH 12 Cells] For HP Compaq is also compatible with a bunch of other HP machines. This includes the HP Presario, V3000, V6000, Pavilion, DV2000, DV2084EA, DV2130US, DV2500, DV6000, DV6100, DV6174, DV6200, and DV6500. This 10.8V, 8800mAh battery carries the following battery part number: HP6000LR. Make sure this matches the number on your original battery. If it does, then it’s going to work perfectly well as a replacement in your HP.

Likewise, the Toshiba PA3727U-1BRS Primary High Capacity 12-Cell Li-Ion Laptop Battery will only work for Toshiba Satellite laptops. Additionally, users of this particular battery have also noted that once installed, this 12-cell unit adds a bit of height to the back of your laptop, giving it a bit of an upward incline from the front of the laptop to the back. This provides some space between your laptop and the surface it’s on, which is good for ventilation.

If your laptop’s a Dell, what you might need is the Dell Latitude Laptop Battery – Premium Superb Choice® 12-cell Li-ion Battery. Its compatible part numbers are the following: E6400, E6500, E6410, E6510, PT434, and PT435. These are the only part numbers that match this 8800mAh, 11.1V Li-ion battery, and if none of these match yours, keep looking. A one-year replacement warranty comes with purchase, along with a 30-day refund guarantee (in case you receive a defective unit).

Don’t wait for your current battery to get busted before getting a replacement. Upgrading from a 6-cell to a 12-cell lithium ion laptop battery can greatly reduce your laptop’s reliance on wall plugs and give you greater mobility and flexibility. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a practical laptop upgrade.