If you are looking for a 12.2 Samsung tablet, there are two options to choose from here on Amazon. We offer both the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, 12.2. They are light weight and easy to carry around. They can be stored almost anywhere, even in a drawer. They can download applications directly to the product, over WiFi or Hotspot. They can be carried in a medium-sized bag when traveling, yet display a bigger screen for easier reading than a regular cell phone. With these innovative features, either of these tablets is great as a gift or for personal use.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet and the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 are of the same size which is 204 high by 296 wide. The Galaxy Note Pro is a bit heavier at 750g, whereas the Galaxy Pro weighs 732g. Both are made out of the same faux leather and plastic. You have a choice of black or white colors. You may also choose to buy brand new or refurbished. Refurbished gadgets and other items are restored to meet manufacturer quality standards. While some are slightly used and lack some accessories, these come with 30-day return policy and manufacturer warranty.

The display resolution is 2560X1600 on both with 16:10 and a 248 PPI. They both run the same Android software with Touch Wiz UI, boasting of 32gb or 64gb memory, and support micro SD cards. Both have wireless capabilities, while its cameras are at 8MP for the rear and 2MP for the front. The battery for both contain the same life of 9500mAh and the processors are the same Exynos 5 Octa, octa-core 1.9Hz quad and 1.3 Hz quad for WiFi and for LTE, snapdragon 800 quad core 2.3 GhZ and 3gb of RAM.

So aside from the Galaxy Note Pro offering a stylus and being heavier, they are nearly identical. You can refer to customer reviews and product descriptions here on Amazon before choosing whichever fits your tastes and budget. You may also purchase from our great selections of cover cases, chargers, and other accessories for your new 12.2 Samsung tablet.