Keeping all your electronic devices charged means that your house is probably covered in extra adaptors and cords. It can be a big mess, and it makes it hard to find the adaptor you need when a device needs charging. From modems and computers to lamps and cameras, there are many devices that need a 110 vac/ 9vac power adapter. Having an extra adapter or two makes it easy to find the right charger when you need it.

Other devices that may use this type of cable include a humidifier, a security system, an electric refrigerator, or any other product that uses a 5.5 x 2.1 mm plug. The Excelity 110 vac/ 9vac power adapter fits these devices perfectly. This power supply switching adapter also works for devices that require a lower output. It has a built-in over voltage protection feature, and over heating protection, so your devices will be safe even when plugged in for a long time.

If you are tired of your aftermarket adaptors and charging cords malfunctioning after a few weeks, upbright sells their 110 vac/ 9vac power adapters with a one year full service warranty. If anything goes wrong during the first year, you will be able to get it taken care of, curtesy of upbright. Their AC to AC adaptor can be ordered with the suitable outlet adapter for different countries, so matter where you travel, your laptop or portable fan will be covered.

Another great choice for a 110 vac/ 9vac power adapter is the CJP-Geek Adaptor. This adaptor has over voltage protection, and works world wide. With so many options available, finding the right adaptor is a simple matter. You can ensure that all your devices are ready to go no matter how busy your life may become by stocking up on the proper adapters.