It’s nearly impossible for any business to succeed in today’s modern world without a computer system. From small startup companies to huge conglomerates, all of these businesses require computer power for customer interaction, advertising and overall organization. A main part to any computer system is a 10G Ethernet switch. This device provides a connection portal for everyone in the company so that every employee has rapid access to all computer files.

A 10G Ethernet switch appears simple by design. It’s a rectangular device holding many printed circuit boards inside of its structure. Several ports remain open on the switch’s exterior so multiple computers can connect to it. A 10G Ethernet switch allows 10 billion bits to pass through each second. This value isn’t diminished when more computers are attached to the switch either. In fact, its design allots 10Gbps for each port so every employee experiences the same computer speed throughout the workday.

Netgear, HP and D-Link are a few of the sellers available online for Ethernet switch purchases. At a quick glance, you might think all of these devices are identical. Their data speed might be set at 10G, but switches vary greatly by their port quantities. For a smaller office setup, a 10G Ethernet switch with eight ports is sufficient. You should balance ample computer access with switch cost. In general, switches are more expensive when they have more ports.

For large companies, a 48-port 10G Ethernet switch might be a smart investment. When you consider your port quantities, it’s critical to buy a product with slightly more options than you currently need. If you ever add more employees to the company, you’ll need more available ports. In some cases, you might need more than one 10G Ethernet switch because employee numbers are multiplying almost overnight. A computer professional can always hook up multiple switches with ease.

Generally, you’ll find low-cost discounts on 10G Ethernet switches found online. Purchase your device and ask a professional to install it afterward. You’ll save on parts costs and improve your business simultaneously with smart online purchases.