If you are looking for a keyboard for your gaming experience and are a great form factor for anyone who can survive without a number pad, then check out the popular products in the 10 Keyless Mechanical Keyboard range.

First, there is the Coolermaster SGK-4000-GKCL1-US CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. If you are looking for a top quality gaming keyboard, then this is the one for you. It encompasses the best choice of switches in the market. The design is uncomplicated and the product is inexpensive, and so within reach of the average player. This model of QuickFire Rapid uses Blue Cherry MX switches which give power feedback with little counter-pressure, enabling the keys to be pressed effortlessly and lightly. No possibility of repetitive stress injuries.

The Corsair Vengeance K65 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is another product worth looking at. This high performance keyboard with its slim 10-keyless design is ideal for traveling to gaming events or for someone who doesn’t have much room. The ample space between the keys enables you to be fast and furious in the execution of your game-plan, and the mechanical switches provide a smooth response from the silent keys. Although the keyboard is mostly made of plastic, it has an aluminum top plate which adds to the rigidity of the board and improves the sturdiness.

Lastly, there is the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Fully Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard has an integral processor, so you can set up and initiate all sorts of profiles straight from the keyboard without the need for software. This product incorporates distinctive lighting effects from its LED backlighting, enabling individual keys to be illuminated and stored across several profiles. The letter etching and painting on the keys is very slightly raised, which gives them just a touch of tactile feedback.

You will indeed make an excellent purchase in one of the above products in the Keyless Mechanical Keyboard collection which is known for its tactile and audible click typing, feel with exceptional durability and reliability.