Technology has come a long way in just the past decade. This means most people have smartphones they take everywhere with them and can do just about anything with. It also means that a lot of us own tablets too and the laptops we use are only slightly bigger.

Lost in all of this may be the importance of a simple flash drive. Flash drives have largely replaced discs when it comes to transferring information from one hard drive to another.

Something like a 10 GB flash drive is usually shorter and thinner than a tube of lipstick. Yet, as the name makes clear, it’s capable of holding up to 10 GB of information.

That is a ton of memory for such a tiny amount of space.

10 GB is roughly equivalent to 270 five-minute YouTube videos at 720p.

It’s 40 hours of iView television or 20 on Foxtel played on an Xbox 360.

It’s 204,800 emails (text-only).

For most people, a 10 GB flash drive is all you’ll ever need for physically moving materials to a hard drive.

This makes a 10 GB flash drive the perfect gift for someone you know in college. A lot of times, these students don’t have printers in their rooms so they need to go elsewhere for this service. Doing so means transferring their materials as well.
These drives aren’t just for college students though.

Just about everyone should use a 10 GB flash drive as a simple way to back up their important documents and videos. This way, if anything should ever happen to your hard drive that renders it useless, you’ll have a backup plan you can count on.

Best of all, these drives couldn’t be easier to use. You literally just have to plug it into the USB port of any computer and away you go!