For anyone owning a cell phone, the importance of a quality charging cable is clear. The right cable will provide a quick charge and high speed data transfer. The LG G4 10 Foot Charging Cable is made of high quality materials, making it an excellent solution to your charging needs. This cable is durable, ensuring it will last for a long time. The cable is also tangle free, which allows for easy storage and quick retrieval without the need to untangle the cord between uses.

The LG G4 10 Foot Charging Cable allows you to charge your LG G4 phone quickly, an important feature in a world where an always available cell phone is important. This cable provides high speed data transfer and syncing to your Mac or PC. Syncing your music library to your phone is quick and easy with the LG G4 10 Foot Charging Cable. Those maintaining music playlists on their phone will find this feature useful, whether planning multiple large lists or adding those last minute songs before you leave the house. High speed data transfer means quicker phone back ups and the ability to store data on your portable hard drive. An extra long length of 10 feet makes this cable ideal for easy access to your phone while connected to the wall charger. If you have found yourself enjoying movies on your phone while in bed, sending emails or various other activities, you’ll find this cable length a great benefit.

The LG G4 10 Foot Charging Cable is an excellent choice for anyone needing a reliable, sturdy and high speed means for data transfer and charging. At 10 feet, the length provides charging most anywhere at anytime. Easy to use, and affordable, making this cable a great addition for getting the most from your cell phone.