When it comes to Internet speed, we are always looking for the most efficient and practical way to obtain the fastest, most reliable connection possible. One way to obtain this if you are using a “wired” network either at the office or at home would be to get a 10 100 1000 switch. You might be used to a hub like most people are used to which divides the Internet/data connection and sends it to all devices while a switch gives each end its own dedicated speed.

A 10 100 1000 switch comes with a various number of ports and offers a stable and consistent data speed throughout the network. Ranging between 5 ports to 8 ports the 10 100 1000 switch only takes one Ethernet sized cord so that you can be sure to buy the right cord for all of your connected devices. Being able to process data at speeds of up to 1000/Mbps you will not have to worry about slow connections any more.

10 100 1000 means that the switch automatically detects the data speed (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000Mbps) of the device on the other end and switches the speed for optimal use. Without this kind of throttle, you end up using more data than needed leaving your other devices that might need more, ultimately slowing them down. A switch is very similar to a hub except that it gives you full bandwidth between sender and receiver.

So if you need speed and dedication in your network, it is safe to say that a 10 100 1000 switch is the right choice. Being able to get an uninterrupted connection between sender and receiver is not just wanted in today’s culture but it is expected.