CR2032 batteries are a necessary component for a multitude of products. Kitchen thermometers, bathroom scales, watches and important medical devices rely on these batteries. Lithium batteries provide a higher energy output than traditional batteries, along with a more stable discharge, which enhances the reliability of the products being powered. These features make the battery a much valued choice for thousands of products. When factoring in the increased storage time and performance of products using CR2032 batteries, it is clear why they are a valuable investment.

CR2032 batteries are lightweight for your portable devices. These batteries are commonly used in hearing aids, glucose meters and heart rate monitors, where a long battery life is important. CR2032 batteries have a long shelf life when kept at room temperature, an important feature when having an additional supply of batteries is necessary. The construction of these batteries provide enhanced protection against leakage, a chief concern in the storage and usage of batteries.

At 3 volts, CR2032 batteries provide nearly double the power of typical batteries. This voltage remains consistent, even with long periods of usage. The usage temperature of these batteries ranges from -30 to +70 degrees, making them superior in a variety of situations. Traditional batteries suffer the risk of self discharge, which will decrease the shelf life of your batteries, and decrease your battery life. This risk is minimized with the sealed technology of the CR2032 battery. CR2032 batteries are commonly used in vital applications such as pacemakers and other implantable medical devices, which speaks to their stability and long life.

For the long lasting life, storage and safety your devices CR2032 batteries are your best choice. From health and wellness gadgets to you car’s remote lock, you’ll find CR2032 batteries extending the life of your devices and very easy to replace when the time does come.