Have you ever had to play a game of “find the remote?” Chances are, you could probably reach down in your couch cushions right now and find one, or two, long-forgotten remotes to no longer used electronic devices. Today, everything has a remote – the television, radio, sound bar, VCR, DVD player and the list goes on and on. There is a viable solution to minimize the number of remotes you need and the chances that you will lose them – purchasing 1 universal remote for TV.

When you decide to make this purchase, you need to consider what the remote has to offer. For example, how many devices can be connected to it? Does it work with older technology, such as VCRs, or newer technology, such as Apple TV? Finding a remote that can virtually “do it all” may seem like an impossible task, but this simply is not true.

Take for example, the Inteset INT 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote. This remote powers your media center, as well as the Roku, Xbox One and Apple TV. If you are searching for a more generic, and affordable option, consider the One For All OARH01B single device universal remote control. Both of these allow you to minimize your need for multiple remotes, while still being able to easily power any and all devices you may use on a regular basis. There is even an 8 in 1 Jumbo Universal Remote control that not only controls up to eight devices, but is also extra-large to minimize the potential of getting lost.

It may be a good idea to think about how much you can spend on the universal remote, which will help you narrow down the choices. If you are ready to simplify your entertainment methods, then purchasing 1 universal remote for TV should be at the top of your priority list.