A touch watch is the ultimate smartphone accessory. Available for all major brands, these small touchscreens connect instantly via Bluetooth technology already present in all modern phones and offer a wide variety of options for interacting with a smartphone without actually touching a smartphone. Touch watches are available directly from several smartphone manufactures as well as from third party companies. When choosing 1 touch watch it is important to ensure that it works with the specific model of phone it is going to be paired with, most watches are quite particular.

Touch watches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes though many have a variation of a 1.5-inch screen which is always capacitive. Watch band varieties vary by maker. 1 touch watches have a wide variety of battery life though most charge through a cradle that is included in the purchase though most will also charge through a USB outlet though a charging cable may not always be included. Both the Apple and Android platforms also a variety of interactivity functions built in that vary by phone hardware and software version. Additional features include Twitter and Facebook integration as well as variety of waterproofing and shatter proofing options that vary by make and by designer.

Many touch watches include the ability to make calls from your wrist as well as text and video chat with friends and family. They also offer standard phonebook and call history features as well as pedometer and fitness tracking options to help users to get in shape easier. Smartphones can be used to trace touch watches and vice versa. This function can be set to activate after the two devices are a set distance from one another to assure that they are never separated for too long. Additional functionality is always being added by the two major smartphone platforms and updates are rolling out regularly.