The 1 to 8 av switch box products offer superb entertainment with quality resolution and sound. These products are provided by A G Ptek, Estoreimport, Optimal Shop, MT VIKI, NiceEshop, Panlong, Optimal Shop, StarTech, RAVPower, Audiovox, and Welltop. Simply connect to electronics and gaming systems to enjoy movies or video games. The amplifier switch adapters, file hub, and audio extractor converter have exciting features.
A G Ptek HDMI, SPDIF, RCA LR Audio Extractor delivers solutions for security, data control, school presentations, corporate training, noise, and space. A DC 5V power adapter comes with the audio extractor.
Amplifier switch adapters by Panlong, Welltop, MT VIKI, Optimal Shop, and Estoreimport feature one output and eight input connectors. Connect to multiple electronics, including DVD, PlayStation, cable box, TV, VCR, Wii, and Xbox. AV switch adapters provide resolutions for schools, home entertainment, and corporations. Use for presentations, safe keeping purposes, and gaming.
Connect up to three devices with the RCA AV Audio Video Selector Switch Box Splitter by NiceEshop. Switch between DVD player, PlayStation, and Xbox. The box splitter has one AV cable and one RCA AV switch box.
For superb performance, StarTech four port component video switch supports high definition video electronics. The video switch is compatible to various home theatre applications using standard and HD component devices. Four devices are connectible to the switch box with switching capability. The box comes with clear audio video and a remote.
RAVPower file hub and wireless router is portable and functional as SD card reader, external battery, media streamer, and backup storage. Use the router to backup, stream and share media files. Files are accessible while traveling on business trips and vacations.
Enhance electronic systems with RCA System Selector by Audiovox. The selector allows switching between DVD player, television, CD player, game console, satellite receiver, and camcorder.
Unite up to eight electronics with one of the 1 to 8 av switch box products. The benefits of the products are easy switching between electronics and set-ups. Enjoy high definition and quality audio sound of DVD movies, video games, and CDs.