1 to 5 power splitters can provide a useful alternative to power strips when the latter’s dimension or reach proves too restrictive to meet an area’s power needs. A power splitter offers between two and five additional opportunities to use power and consists of a three-pronged plug which plugs into an outlet as normal (larger splitters may also use both existing outlets) and a number of additional female sockets. When using a power splitter, it is important to keep in mind how much power the outlet provides as that amount will then be split among all the various items plugged into it. If the outlet is not producing enough electricity to power all of the items they may not run.

When choosing a 1 to 5 power splitter, it is important to take into account how much power will ultimately be drawn through the splitter and the individual needs of each device which will be plugged into it. Once the needs of the splitter are determined, it is equally important to choose a splitter with the appropriate wire type and gauge to deal with the incoming amperage and voltage. Quality multi-outlet power splitters contain gold plated connectors which are designed to reduce degradation and decrease the chance of corrosion while still providing superior performance. 1 to 5 power splitters come in both indoor and outdoor varieties with the outdoor versions generally proving to be the heartier of the two.

While a power splitter may have several advantages over a power strip it does not provide the same protections as a surge protector which means ensuring the splitter is up to the task is even more important as failing to do so could easily result in an electrical fire. To help prevent this occurrence ensure that any purchased power splitter has been rated by an authoritative body in charge of safety.