Is your space short on light and short on light bulb sockets? A 1 to 4 light bulb adapter allows you to turn one socket into four lights, leaving your other sockets free. A light bulb adapter doesn’t just save you space and increase room lighting, it also helps save energy, cutting down on your electrical bill. Adding an adapter is a hassle-free process. Simply screw your lightbulbs into the adapter and the adapter into a light socket.

The Toplimit 4 in 1 Standard Medium Base Bulb Light Socket Splitter Adapter is a great go-to option. Compatible with both E26 and E27 medium base bulbs, each socket has a limit of 75 watts, and an overall voltage limit of 250 V, providing plenty of power to substantially boost a room’s lighting. The flame retardant PBT material decreases the risk of overheating and accidents, and at 6.8 x 6 x 3.3 inches, the adapter saves space as well as energy.

If you want a 1 to 4 light bulb adapter that handles more wattage, Toplimit also sells an adapter with a 100 watt socket maximum. This adapter is slightly smaller than the Standard Socket Splitter, with a 240 V limit. The adapter is compatible with standard E26 Edison Base light bulbs.

If you’re a photographer or looking for adjustable lighting features, the Fancierstudio 4 Socket Adapter gives you control over the lighting on set. The design and fit of the sockets optimizes light distribution, whether you use it with softboxes, or just need more daylight lighting in your studio. The sturdy base ensures that it will stay snuggly in place. The sockets fit standard E27 light bulbs and each socket allows a maximum of 150 watts, affording your studio dazzling light without taking up tons of sockets. At an affordable price point, the Fancierstudio adapter is a smart addition to any photographer’s lighting collection.