In our homes there are limited electrical outlets for the unlimited number of electronic devices that we own and finding spaces to charge these different appliances can be exhausting. Not only do you have to find these outlets but we have to let our devices charge for hours on end. And if these outlets are generally used for lights and televisions, we rarely want to unplug these to create space for items that are there temporarily.

Some people solve this problem by using a surge protector to connect multiple appliances. This device was made to protect against voltage spikes and it is regularly used to plug as many devices as possible into one outlet. These devices are bulky and can take up a lot of space. Similar to a surge protector’s ability to power multiple outlets through one device are 1 to 3 AC plugs. These devices are smaller and easily plug into any outlet giving you the ability to plug 3 devices into it.

Travelers and people who are constantly on the go benefit from 1 to 3 AC plugs because of their size. They are so small that they can be carried in a book bag or purse. When you are traveling by plane, train or boat and need to charge your laptop, cell phone and Kindle, this device will make your life more convenient. Instead of having to wait for each device to charge, you will be done in half the time by plugging them all in at once.

These devices are also great to use in small cramped spaces such as kitchens and bedrooms. Overall, 1 to 3 AC plugs allow you to charge as quickly as possible so you do not have to spend your time swapping out devices on by one as they charge. It also allows you to do more with one electrical outlet.