How many times have you looked at the amount of cables in your home and been totally overwhelmed? There are desktop cables, printer cables, scanner cables and that is just the beginning of it. Did you account for the cell phone cables, stereo cables and lamp cables? Often times when we buy our devices we have not considered the number of cables that we are bringing into our homes. On average there is about half a football field’s length of cables in our homes! If this situation reminds you of yours then the best solution to cutting back on the number of cables you have would be to purchase a 1 to 16-power splitter adapter.

Power splitter adapters combine multiple cables to allow one outlet into the wall with multiple connector ends that are suitable for a range of devices. They work with computers, printers, televisions, and speakers – just about all of your home appliances. There is a surge protector inside the cables that keeps the amount of electric flow to a minimum in order to prevent any eclectic shocks and destruction to your property.

If you have many household appliances you would like to connect this is an ideal item. It is long enough to be used in multiple corners of a large room and it is sleek enough to go unnoticed. All in all, this product is terrific for those that are connecting a few appliances that need to be in one area. People often have a computer, printer and scanner hooked up to one of these devices or a television, game console and speakers. Instead of being overwhelmed with a massive number of cables, choose to clean up the mess by purchasing 1 to 16 power splitter adapters. They are great items to use to consolidate and a clean up an area.