Anyone who owns a computer has heard about the dreaded blue screen of death. This signature screen is used to notify the user of a system error, which in some cases could cause the loss of important files. It is always best to have backup copies of important files in the event of a system loss. If you use your computer to hold files such as family medical records, you will want to back them up using a portable device like the 1 tb seagate external backup plus slim case hard drive.

Generally retailing for under sixty dollars, these portable hard drives can safely hold copies of all the files you use on a regular basis. Not only can you use this device to keep important family files, but it is the ideal backup device for business files as well. The Seagate basic black drive comes equipped with a 3.0 compatible USB plug. This means it is capable of working with all the latest computer models. Their standard version includes a free backup application for mobile devices, which is available from Apple.

You can also find the basic 1 tb seagate external backup plus slim case device available in a sleek silver design. This previous version of their portable hard drive can be purchased for slightly less as a refurbished item. This product has been fully tested and certified to be working just like new.

If you are interested in a backup device for business, you will like the newer version of the Seagate hard drive. This device comes with the standard 1TB of storage, but adds an additional 200GB of storage for free when you register on OneDrive cloud. Cloud storage is Internet based so you can access your files from any Internet enabled device. The portable hard drive itself, can also be used with an array of products to easily copy or transfer any stored files.

People use their computers to store everything from their treasured family photos to their favorite video games. Investing in a 1 tb seagate external backup plus slim case hard drive, will make sure all the files you want to keep, will remain safe and secure regardless of how many computer system errors you might receive.