Looking to replace an aging or failing drive in your home computer or laptop? If you’re used to the slow speed of a mechanical drive and would like to breath new life into your computer, a new 1 TB flash memory solid state drive may just surprise you. Utilizing flash memory in place of platter drives, these new hard drives are much faster at reading and writing data in both small and large quantities.

Many laptops come equipped with slow hard drives. Often utilizing a platter drive that spins at 5400rpm, these drives make boot times slow, program loading times long and security scans by anti-virus programs take quite a while. By replacing your mechanical drive with a new solid state drive, you’ll find much faster boot times and a more pleasurable experience during use.

One downside to solid state drives is their lower storage capacity when compared to traditional mechanical drives. Although larger solid state drives are available, their prices are much higher than a comparable mechanical drive. However, there are hybrid drives available to help fill the need for storage and speed.

With drives like the Seagate STBD1000400 SSHD internal kit offered, you can have the best of both worlds. These hybrid drives utilize a smaller solid state portion of memory for quickly loading often-accessed files and programs while using the larger platter drive for long term storage. Although the performance between a pure solid state drive and a hybrid drive can certainly be seen, these drives offer an excellent choice for anyone looking to speed up their computer while keeping a large amount of storage for files.

With prices falling every month, the use of a solid state drive is becoming more common every day. Whether you’d just like to get into Windows faster, save your files more quickly or edit vacation photos and videos without long loading times, a 1 TB flash memory solid state drive is an excellent replacement for an aging mechanical drive. You can even use the time you save for the more important things in life.