Are you looking to backup all of your important files or do you just want more storage than your computer currently offers? Either way, a 1TB external hard drive with a USB 2.0 port is the perfect solution. Just connect your computer to the hard drive via USB cable and you’re ready to start amassing the digital library of your dreams.

One of the top selling brands of 1TB external hard drive with USB 2.0 is Western Digital. WD drives boast the simplicity of plug-and-play installation, the power saving feature of turning itself on and off along with your computer, and pre-formatting for PCs (they can be easily be reformatted for Macs). The WD drive can either be charged by plugging it into an outlet via AC adaptor or through its USB connection. It’s compatible with Mac OS® X Tiger® or Leopard®, Windows® Vista®/XP.

Another popular brand is the Seagate. Seagate drives are also plug and play and offer drag and drop file transfer. With a speed of 7200 RPMs, files can be accessed without lag. Built-in power management extends battery life. According to Seagate, 1TB of storage can hold 1000 hours of video, 250 two hour DVD videos, 320,000 digital photos, and nearly a million and a half minutes of music. In other words, 1TB is more than enough storage space for even the most avid digital media fan.

External hard drives aren’t just good for expanding your current storage capacity. External hard drives are the physical back up you need for peace of mind regarding all of your most important digital possessions. Unlike cloud based back up options, having a physical copy of your files requires no internet connection. You can restore your computer anywhere at any time, even in a blackout. At less than $200, it may be the most affordable peace of mind you’ll ever find.