We technophiles love our external hard drives. The demand for space to store movies, music, and games has caused the biggest file hoarders to resort to the use of external hard drives, especially hard drives with storage capacities in the TB range. Know what else we technophiles love? Cable management. And the best cable management is no cables whatsoever.

Enter the wireless 1TB external hard drive that can be accessed via Bluetooth. Imagine leaving your external hard drive in the computer bag and streaming movies and music to your various devices without the need for a home or public Wi-Fi signal. At roughly the size of an adult hand, a 1TB external hard drive can be carried and broadcast from just about anywhere. The Bluetooth enabled 1TB hard drive allows the user uninterrupted access to all of those precious files at any time, in any place, on any Bluetooth device. Of course, Bluetooth isn’t the only connectivity option these hard drives offer. The user can also access files via a shared Wi-Fi signal or through direct connection via USB.

A TB of hard drive space can hold approximately 500 hours of video, depending of course, on the video quality/file size. Given that the average movie falls somewhere around two hours in length, this means that a 1TB hard drive can hold somewhere around 250 movies. How much storage is that? That’s enough movies to keep you glued to your screen for a solid, three weeks. If you feel the need to sleep, you can stretch your binge time out to five weeks! Do you prefer storing music? A TB can hold approximately 1,000,000 minutes of music. That almost two years’ worth! Seagate and Western Digital are two popular brands that offer a 1TB wireless external hard drive. At under $200 each, convenience, mass storage capabilities, and binge data consumption are more accessible and affordable than ever.