Office stationery and school supplies can be difficult to shop for if you’re unsure what type of product would suit your needs. Spiral notebooks are a staple for every home office or academic course because of their easy access and mobile capability, depending on it’s size. A 1 subject spiral notebook blue in color is a must for success in future projects and assignments. Before buying one for yourself, consider first how many pages are necessary to complete your goal.

The Livescribe 8.5 x 11 1 subject notebook for example has exactly 100 pages, perfect for productivity and small enough to be carried around with ease. It is equipped with two storage pockets to categorize any papers you’ve torn out and the paper itself is college-ruled, which is one of the most preferred types of writing paper.

Of course, brands play a huge role in how high the quality of your notebook really is. While Livescribe is a well known stationary brand, notebooks created by the company Mead and Five Star are more frequently chosen than any other for their quality texture and paper thickness. The 1 subject spiral notebook blue by Mead for instance is 10.5 x 8 in, smaller than regular size but it’s quality is superb. The covers are coated and durable to protect the wide ruled pages inside. While this notebook only has 70 pages, it will last longer than any other simple notebook.

On the other hand, the Five Star 1 subject notebook has 100 pages of college ruled paper, perforated for a clean tear-out. It comes with a very sturdy front pocket to store extra paper or even pencils and pens. When it comes to purchasing a new notebook, you have to carefully decide from quality over quantity. You may get more pages in a Livscribe notebook, but would you rather have more paper or better quality in a Mead or Five Star notebook?

Price also comes into play. The cheapest notebooks may not necessarily be the best or last the longest. Saving money is always a plus, but you’d save more time when purchasing a notebook that will endure until the very last page. Consider all options before making a firm decision, and keep in mind what you need exactly to complete your project efficiently.