There is a major misconception that notebooks are only used for school. It’s easy to solely think of school when a notebook is mentioned, and even though a notebook for school is one of the best tools to have, what else can we productively use a notebook for? It turns out, there are quite a few different uses for that 1 subject, 200 sheet spiral notebook.

The best thing about a 1 subject 200 sheet spiral notebook, is the cost. The majority of notebooks are fairly inexpensive, such as the Five Star Spiral Notebook, so there are less worries when it comes to filling one and needing another. Also, many different companies allow these items to be bought in bulk, making them an even better economic option. A myriad of uses come from a 1 subject 200 sheet spiral notebook, such as using a notebook for art, journal entries, grocery lists, brainstorming, etc.

Using a notebook for a certain project daily, as opposed to using a computer, helps to reduce eye strain caused by using electronics. Legible handwriting is also something that utilizing a spiral notebook helps with. As more and more of us rely upon computers to communicate, writing style and appropriate spelling and diction have declined. Practicing writing in a 1 subject, 200 sheet spiral notebook, such as the SKILCRAFT notebook, may sound simple, but the benefits can result in more creativity, better brainstorming, and handwriting that is easier to read.

A 200 sheet 1 subject spiral notebook may seem like such a simple item in comparison to it’s digital recording counterparts, but the act of writing and using paper still make up a very central part of our everyday lives. Between the different demands from school activities, business, and hobbies, the possible uses for a two hundred sheet, one subject spiral notebook are truly endless.