How long can you keep your phone new? The #1 seller LG G3 case does more than just protect the look and functionality of your phone. The top seller here is the BUDDIBOX LG G3 Case, and it offers quite a few benefits.

You should first know what this case does for your phone’s safety. No matter how clever or responsible you are, you’re going to drop that phone at some point. Every phone is fated for nicks and scratches, the tiniest of which pains us to look at. Give your phone a chance.

The BUDDIBOX LG G3 Case is made from polycarbonate, a material so tough it’s used in bulletproof glass and military planes. So you can trust this stuff will protect your phone. A soft silicone sleeve goes under the outer case for extra-reinforcement. And, to quiet all your fears, the outer case corners feature double-thick silicone.

The silicone sleeve, the sides of which are left uncovered by the outer case, allow you a firm grip. Don’t worry if your phone falls on its face, its back, or its sides – the case takes the hit.

You’re probably guessing all this protection will make your phone bulky. Not true. The case was designed exclusively for the LG G3, so the BUDDIBOX LG G3 Case hugs your phone close. Your phone slides in and out of the case smoothly. Your camera and microphone work normally.

Carrying your phone in your pocket or hand is a bother sometimes, with or without a case. The #1 seller LG G3 case lets you clip your phone to your belt or purse. The clip rotates 180 degrees to whatever position feels best for you.

You can also flip open the hard kickstand in the back to prop your phone while you video chat or watch or watch movies.

BUDDIBOX LG G3 Case protects your phone as well as any other reliable name’s, whether it’s OtterBox’s or Fosmon’s, with more color options and style.