When it comes to trying to keep all your devices charged, the sheer number of outlets needed for it can be overwhelming. From smartphones to tablets and iPods to laptops, a single family can easily take over five or more outlets at once time. However, there is a better way than trying to figure what to unplug to get those devices juiced up – a desktop charger.

Desktop chargers are available in many different configurations. If you only have a few devices to keep charged, you can opt for a 1 into 4 USB outlet for desktops, or a family-sized option that offers 10 different ports. With that many ports, the only issue will be keeping all those cords from being tangled when they’re not in use.

Another great choice in USB chargers is one that not only charges multiple devices, but also acts as a portable power adapter. Options such as the Conwork 4-Port Rapid USB Desktop Charger plugs into any outlet and charges your devices. However, while it’s plugged in, it also charges itself so you can take it with you and have enough power to charge up to four devices when away from an outlet.

For those who have a limited number of outlets, a QICENT Surge Protector is a great option. This power strip includes four traditional outlets and five USB charging ports, ensuring there is plenty of space, even if only one wall outlet is available nearby.

Making sure there are enough available chargers around the home and office will make it much easier to keep every device ready when they are needed. You can even choose options that include card readers and USB 3.0 ports as well, ensuring plenty of rapid charging and minimizing the amount of space that gets used up with numerous chargers and other peripheral devices.