In today’s world, there is an unspoken pressure in the air to buy every single make, model, and update of all of your favorite technology, whether you need it or not. Considering the price tag on new mobile technology, when they first hit the shelves, this tendency gets prohibitively expensive, very quickly.

The fact of the matter is, for most of us, a regular smartphone more than meets our daily needs.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 blew a lot of minds, when it first hit in 2013, with its crisp, clear extra large display and innovative hardware updates. If you’re still attached to your Samsung Galaxy S4, or you’re not quite ready to upgrade your smartphone yet, waiting for Moore’s Law to slow down, you’ll be wanting the #1 best seller Samsung Galaxy S4 case.

The TRIDENT AMS-SAM-S4-BK Kraken AMS Case for Samsung Galaxy S IV – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Black is like a force field for your Samsung Galaxy S4, acting as three cases in one. The Kraken AMS transforms the hefty Kraken AMS case into a lightweight Perseus-version, instead, while still offering the same unbeatable protection against knocks, scratches, and dings. The Kraken AMS also protects your phone’s screen with a durable, scratch-free screen protector, while a silicone interior protects your Samsung Galaxy S4 from hard falls. It protects your ports and plugs, as well, with state of the art TPE technology. This military-grade case could survive falling out of an airplane. It’s no wonder it’s a top contender for the #1 best seller Samsung Galaxy S4 case.

If you’re looking for a #1 best seller Samsung Galaxy S4 case that comes with accessories, there’s also the OEM (5-in 1 Pack).

Get a #1 best seller Samsung Galaxy S4 case today, and hold on to your technology.