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Elm – Electronic Mail for UNIX

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In the lingo of the mail guru, Elm is a “Mail User Agent” system, it’s designed to run with “sendmail” or “/bin/rmail” or any other UNIX Mail Transport Agent (according to what’s on your system) and is a full replacement of programs like “/bin/mail” and “mailx”. Elm is considered “Freely Distributable Software.” Its copyright is held by the USENET Community Trust. This ensures that it is available for all to use.

The system is more than just a single program however, and includes programs like “frm” to list a ‘table of contents’ of your mail, and “printmail” to quickly paginate mail files (to allow ‘clean’ printouts).

Although originally developed by Dave Taylor, as of release 2.1 Elm is developed by a cooperative venture of volunteers loosely being called the Elm Development Group. There are approximately 40 developers and an additional 16 testers, participating at various levels of activity.

Elm is in-between the release of 2.4 and the forthcoming release of 2.5. Its development has stagnitated. A beta of 2.5 is available from in the /pub/elm-dev directory.

For further details see:

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Monthly Posting from the Elm Development Group (obsolete)

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Elm Version 2.3 Manuals via WWW in Hypertext

Elm Version 2.4 Manuals via WWW in Hypertext (This link appears to be broken, its left in in case it gets fixed)

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